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and why they keep coming back

Wouldn’t it be great if ghostwriters could name drop and tell you about all the incredible adventures we’ve been on?  We’d love to tell you all about some of our more notable clients- but we respect their privacy way too much to do that.  Needless to say, we take confidentiality very serious around here.

For instance, one of our more notable recent clients has started a worldwide revolution for getting the most out of life, and he has sat on several bestseller lists due to his phenomenal success.  With our help, he’s even negotiated speaking tours on all seven continents and appeared on countless network talk shows.

The thing is though, we made the same promise to this highly successful client as we’re going to make to you- we don’t talk about your book project, your life or anything else without your express permission.Some of the celebrities and professionals we’ve worked with have given us glowing references that we can share a little further down the line, so feel free to inquire as we’re working together.  

Just don’t expect to hear stories like when a music icon dislocated his shoulder while trying to do a backflip off a resort balcony after a few too many coctails- we’re going to take that one to the grave with us.  The one about the politician getting robbed by a little person with a machete in Mexico?  We wouldn’t dare share that story either.  Our lips are sealed.

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